Rapid prototyping

The term refers to a class of technologies that can automatically construct[1] physical models from Computer-Aided Design[3] (CAD) data[4]. These “three dimensional printers” allow designers to quickly create tangible prototypes of their designs, rather than just two-dimensional pictures. Such models make excellent visual aids for communicating ideas and can be used for design[3] testing[2].

Terms definitions
1. construct. Create an outcome or idea. « Back to Glossary Index
2. testing. Testing is about confirming decisions and ensuring that the desired result is produced form and outcome or component. « Back to Glossary Index
3. Design. Creating a plan or mock up of the new system or digital outcome based on all of the requirements and specifications that have been identified. « Back to Glossary Index
4. data. Raw facts or figures without context or meaning. e.g. 1, “Boris”, False « Back to Glossary Index