The realisable means proposed by a technologist for meeting the requirements of a brief[2]. It will be presented in sufficiently detailed and clear manner that it is both fully realisable (suitable for implementation in practice), and can be fully tested against the specifications[1] in the brief.

Terms definitions
1. specifications. Specifications in a brief define (the nature of) the appearance and performance requirements against which an outcome can be evaluated as fit for purpose (by key and wider stakeholders). The specifications may also include constraints on both the outcome and the practice that can be undertaken to develop it. « Back to Glossary Index
2. brief. A description of what you are trying to achieve with your project. There are two kinds of briefs: * Initial brief – a statement that you make at the beginning of your project that tells the people reading it what you will do, and why. It also tells the reader what you think will happen. […]