Special features (of textiles) (of resistant materials)

Special features of textiles rely on the application of advanced skills, such as style features, including set in sleeve, fly front, tailored collars and cuffs, welt pockets; decorative features, including pin tucking, embroidery, and shirring; and structural features, including 3D felting and combining different fibres and materials in felting, such as in nuno felting.

Special features of resistant materials rely on the application of advanced craft skills to achieve the specified product for this achievement standard, and will require one or more special features from each of the categories below:
* structural – such as mortise and tenon joint, lapped dovetailed drawer, annealed component, mig-welded panels, sandcasted component, and milling an advanced component
* aesthetic – such as parquetry, inlaid design, turned table legs, taper turned component, and dressed edges.

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