Technological system

Sets of interconnected components that transform, store, transport, or control[5] materials, energy, and/or information for particular purposes. In any system[6], how the parts work together is as important as their individual characteristics.

Important technological systems[1] concepts include:

Terms definitions
1. technological systems. A set of interconnected parts designed to transform, store, transport or control materials, energy and/or information. « Back to Glossary Index
2. operational parameters. The boundaries and/or conditions within which a system has been designed to function. « Back to Glossary Index
3. transformation. Transforming refers to changing the structure or particle alignment within an existing material in order to change some of its properties, but, in terms of its composition, it remains the same material. For example, felting; beating an egg white; heat treating metals to harden or anneal them; steaming timber to soften its fibres so that […]
4. redundancy. The duplication of component parts of a system and/or a subsystem as a “backup” or “fail safe” provision to increase reliability. « Back to Glossary Index
5. control. How a computer system operates or is “controlled” « Back to Glossary Index